We live in an ever growing world where the only constant thing is change. The car manufacturing industry has grown so much that if all cars are arranged tail to tail, the distance they create will be long enough to reach the moon. However, they break down after a while depending on several factors which include: accidents, old age due to long term use, poor manufacturing procedures etc. It is quite obvious that no one would like to dispose a broken down car in his/her yard. This is because it will consume a lot of space, make the compound look ugly or become an habitat of dangerous pests, snakes or insects.

Car disposal can be a tricky venture since you usually find yourself in dilemma on the best way to do it. You have to sit down, think hard and compose yourself. There is no need to panic or get stressed since there are several ways forward. All you have to do is to do a thorough research to avoid being conned. You can search the net for solutions and good dealers. Asking a friend or family who has ever been in the same situation will help you in decision making. Other people will prefer reading from articles, books, and journals. The most common options that people go for are:


This is what most people will do. It is a good idea especially if are planning to buy a new car and you are financially unstable. Use the Internet or newspapers to look for dealers who will buy your car at a good price. You should also find out the resale value of that particular make.


There so many charity organizations spread all over the globe. They always need funding so as to fulfill their endeavors. Donating your car to one of them will be a milestone since you will have contributed to cause. The sad thing is that some greedy individuals sometimes impose themselves as charity agents so as to steal from the public. You should therefore be extra keen when you take this step. You check all the documents well to ensure they are not forged.


Freecycling is a new way of trading though it is similar to the tradition barter trade. It entails exchange of items you no longer use or need with other items from people who do not need them too. Try doing this and you might be surprised to get an item you had been dreaming to have for a long period of time.

Metal Scrap dealers

There many metal scrap dealers who are always in constant demand for metal. Look for a dealer who will offer you good money .The dealers should be located nearby so as to reduce the cost of transportation. If your car is very heavy, then you will earn more.

Selling Car Parts

This is a good option if your vehicle has a very low resale price and cannot fetch much money from the scrap dealers. Look for a mechanic or an experienced person to help you dismantle the car to various parts. Any hazardous waste should be properly disposed to avoid contaminating the environment. Advertise and sell them either from your home or from the nearest car spare parts shop. You might be lucky to regain parts that are very expensive or made up of precious minerals. This means better cash at the end of the day.