How to junk your unwanted car- What to do before you junk it

Bring Out Your Belongings from the Car Your car may feel like a second home to you especially if you have had it for a long while. You may be the kind of a person who keeps personal possessions in the car, more so essential documents. Be sure to remove everything that has cumulated over […]

How to get best cash value for old used car

Selling your clunker for some money is a great way of getting rid of the old junk car in a paid form. The salvage lots sell the original spare parts of the car to the other car owners or repair shops and garage for some money. That is the reason why the junk car removal […]

Used Car Disposal

We live in an ever growing world where the only constant thing is change. The car manufacturing industry has grown so much that if all cars are arranged tail to tail, the distance they create will be long enough to reach the moon. However, they break down after a while depending on several factors which […]

Recycle Junk Car

Recycle junk car in Edmonton is an important issue. When vehicles cannot be used any longer, it is highly beneficial to sell them to junk yards in Edmonton. These junk cars can be reduced, transformed into scrap metal and used as recycled steel. This recycled steel required around 75percent less energy than producing new metal […]

How to recycle your junk car in Edmonton

When you are unable to use your car for transportation it is time for you to recycle your car in Edmonton. The main question that arises here is how to recycle your junk car in Edmonton.Most of the car parts that are not being used can still be recycled in Edmonton for further use. They […]

What is The Car Collection Company?

At The Car Collection Company our mission is to provide fast, free, no-hassle removal of unwanted vehicles from every driveway, garage, back yards and front lawn in the South Island. Our name may seem funny but we take our job seriously. In fact, for over 4 years we’ve been recognized as the premier unwanted vehicle […]

Cash for Used Cars

EDMONTON Cash for Junk Cars is a top scrap car and junk car removal company. We are the experts in the entire scrap car removal process – from removal, extraction and disposal. There is no scrap auto we cannot get rid of, including: difficult to extract junk vehicles scrap cars with flat tires clunkers with […]

Sell Junk Car

Selling your old Junk Car has never been easier. Just one quick call to Edmonton Cash for Junk Cars and our experts will be over right away, in most instances same day to pickup your old clunker. We provide 100% free towing service for your old car and in most cases we even pay you […]

Car Crushing for junk cars in Edmonton

All your old cars in Edmonton become junk cars at one point and leads to car crushing for junk cars in Edmonton. These junk cars can be sold for some cash in Edmonton. The question that arises here is what happens to those junk cars in Edmonton. These junk cars get crushed and all the […]