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Junk Car Buyers in Edmonton

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If you are stuck with old junk cars sitting in your yard or garage, it is the right time to think of disposing the same. These salvage cars sometimes can also make you ashamed of it as it hampers your style, status and storing capacity in your salvage yard. Many times, your neighbors may also complain about it too by citing various reasons. Instead of letting the junk car be waste, you can also make some cash for car without much hassle. It sounds too good to be true, but the question comes to our mind that, how it is possible to get rid of a junk car for cash and that too without much hassle?

If you are searching a service to sell a junk car, then you will be glad to know that your searching ends right here. We are the right junk car company, where you can get a great solution to all your scrap vehicle issues. We buy junk cars. We deal with the removal of scrap auto or unused vehicles available to you at your service in almost every locality surrounding Edmonton, Alberta. You do not even have to worry about its loading, carriage or removal process, etc. Our efficient team of trained professionals will take care of your every problem. All you have to do is to evaluate the approximate salvage value of your scrap car and then next best thing to do is call a well-known car removal company like us. We have been in the business long enough to know how to deal with junk auto removal efficiently while providing our customers with best cash for junk car in Alberta. The rest of the auto  removal process will be taken care of by their company representatives leaving you at the end with a smile along with a genuine price consideration for your unused auto scrap. Not only car disposal, our service covers all types of old cars, crashed cars, junk car parts, damaged cars, crashed cars for sale, wrecked cars, fully broken cars, and other vehicles apart from the car including junk trucks, junk vans, scrap vehicles, motorcycles, junk SUV and much more.

There are certain things being taken into consideration while valuing the payout amount for your junk car like the make, model of car, year of your junk car, condition, title, etc. We offer you the best customer service offered to car wreckers by taking up your junk car having no title. But in that case where you do not have the title of the car, either you have to prove yourself as the owner of that junk car or you are in possession of that car by showing the vehicle registration card in your name.

Once you have eliminated that big hunk of junk taking up your space you’ll be very relieved and your neighbors will also be happy. You can also get a very huge free space to store other households which were being taken up by your old junk car.

You should also inform  the insurance company under which your car was insured, to cancel the insurance policy stating that you have disposed that junk old car, yet saving more money by disposing scrap car in Edmonton .

Thinking from the other point of view, by disposing your unused or old junk cars, you will be directly or indirectly contributing towards the development of green environment. So make sure you choose us as our method of disposing of the clunker are environmentally friendly. We do this for vehicle recycling. We dismantle the car parts for recycling the spare parts. We do it using eco-friendly techniques. The process needs much care and diligence as the scrap vehicle recycling is a complicated task. It has many parts to recycle and many hazardous materials to remove also. If a vehicle is getting crushed, broken or damaged it can also be transported to steel industries for recycling purpose as the recycling steel saves energy and natural resources. It is the duty of every citizen to take care of the green environment. Recycling steels also help in reducing the production of Carbon-Dioxide in the environment for making new cars.

At the end, it feels great if you get a fair gain from your scrap car without having any pain. So call us now and earn some cash for clunker in Alberta. We also offer FREE Junk car Towing services, so contact us now to get more details and FREE junk car removal quotation.

Edmonton Junk Yard

We have a junk yard in North Edmonton near Yellowhead highway and Telus science center.  We also operate a junk card in South Edmonton near 50th street.  Our Auto Junk Yard is a properly maintained facility that follows all of the provincial and federal guidelines for recycling an auto safely.  Call us now and get an immediate appraisal for your car.  We buy any and all cars.