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Stop wasting your time trying to sell you car on AutoTrader or dealing with low-ballers who just show up at your house, waste your time test driving the car and don’t even make a reasonable offers. Avoid the tire kickers and instead call We are Edmonton’s number one used car buyers who guarantee to offer you more than the trade-in value of your car. Since we are the pros, we don’t need to do an extensive mechanical evaluation. We can quickly figure out the value of your car and will offer you cash on the spot. You can even bring your car to a one of our facilities for a quick appraisal. No clean up or additional preparation required. Leave with cash or use the offer towards a trade-in You may get a higher offer based on your car’s features.

Whether you live in the West end near the WEM, or north near Northgate Mall or in the South near South Common, we have a buyer’s on stand by in each region.  Even if your car is damaged, we will buy it from you.  We know the pain involved in dealing with the accident already and then the insurance company.  We try to make things easy on you and will simply buy the car from you.  Even if the insurance company has written off the vehicle and its now marked as a salvage car, we will buy it from you for cash.  

We just love buying cars!

Sell My Car Edmonton

Sell My Car Edmonton

We’ll buy your vehicle and it does not matter to us what the condition us. Get a price that is better-than-market-value and in most instances we will pay you cash the same day when you sell your vehicle to .ca. You don’t even need to trade it in for a new vehicle. There is no upselling or trying to cheat you on the new car to get your old car. We simply buy cars. Sell us your car, minivan, SUV or a truck and get cash now.