Bring Out Your Belongings from the Car

Your car may feel like a second home to you especially if you have had it for a long while. You may be the kind of a person who keeps personal possessions in the car, more so essential documents. Be sure to remove everything that has cumulated over time including the unwanted stuff prior to tow truck arrival.

Sort Out Your Car Ownership Tittle

Cancel the license and return the plates to effectively transfer the title of the car the junkyard otherwise you might end up incurring liabilities because technically the car is still yours.

Sell Valuables from the Car

In case you don’t feel content with the price you agreed upon, consider selling valuables like tires, battery and radio. However, hand over the car in exact condition you described to the junkyard, even if it means replacing these valuables with cheaper ones.

Detach the Plates

Car’s registration details need to be cancelled from province’s motors department. In this case you need to take your plates with you for the process to be concluded adequately. The same case applies to  insurance cancellation.

Exhaust the Gas

Use all the gasoline or empty the tank and resell Just in case your tank is still filled up, especially so if you had not included its value in the overall price of the car. It may fetch you substantial amount of money after all, the junkyard would drain up the tank anyway before recycling.

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